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concession +‎ -ary



concessionary (plural concessionaries)

  1. one who owns a concession or a franchise
    • 1890, Benjamin Harrison, State of the Union Address
      That Government seized the Delagoa Bay Railway, which was constructed under a concession granted to an American citizen, and at the same time annulled the charter. The concessionary, who had embarked his fortune in the enterprise, having exhausted other means of redress, was compelled to invoke the protection of his Government.


concessionary (not generally comparable, comparative more concessionary, superlative most concessionary)

  1. relating to concessions or franchises
  2. making concessions or compromises
    • 1844, Benjamin Disraeli, Coningsby (The New Generation)
      I observe indeed a party in the State whose rule it is to consent to no change, until it is clamorously called for, and then instantly to yield; but those are Concessionary, not Conservative principles.