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Pun on copyright, which refers to using copyright laws for purposes that are in some ways contrary to copyright's original intent.

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copyleft (usually uncountable, plural copylefts)

  1. The philosophy of using copyrights to enforce freedom of information, especially software source code.
    They believe in copyleft because they want their software to be used freely by anyone.
  2. A software license that follows this philosophy.
    I have placed my program under copyleft.
    The GNU General Public License is a copyleft licence.

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Verb edit

copyleft (third-person singular simple present copylefts, present participle copylefting, simple past and past participle copylefted)

  1. To license under a copyleft license.
    Linus Torvalds copylefted the Linux kernel.

Basque edit

Etymology edit

Borrowed from English copyleft.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /kopileft/ [ko.pi.left̪]
  • Rhymes: -ileft
  • Hyphenation: co‧py‧left

Noun edit

copyleft inan

  1. copyleft
    • 2011 June 12, Alberto Pradilla, “Heterodoxia kanpin-denden barnean”, in Argia, number 2280:
      Asanbladetan eta komisioetan denetarik hitz egiten da: animalien eskubideetatik copylefteraino.
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  • "copyleft" in Euskaltzaindiaren Hiztegia [Dictionary of the Basque Academy],