cough +‎ -er



cougher (plural coughers)

  1. A person who coughs.
    • 1873, The Atlantic Monthly (volume 31, page 322)
      A frequent cougher in a church sets nearly the whole congregation to coughing.
    • 1907, Barbara Baynton, Sally Krimmer; Alan Lawson, editors, Human Toll (Portable Australian Authors: Barbara Baynton), St Lucia: University of Queensland Press, published 1980, page 161:
      The widow turned her usually unemotional face to the cougher, and the concern on her countenance showed that the innuendo of the reverend alarmist had reached even her. But the organist's pretty eyes had forestalled her, and the glance she sent to the cougher said plainly: 'You want my care and attention.'
    • 2002, Joy Hakim, War, Peace, and All that Jazz (page 22)
      In New York and Chicago, laws were passed making it illegal to sneeze or cough in public without using a handkerchief. Police dutifully hauled sneezers and coughers to court, where they were given stiff fines.