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Alternative formsEdit


cover girl (plural cover girls)

  1. (informal) An attractive, usually well-known, female model whose image has been featured on one or more magazine covers.
    • 2008, Frank Eltman, "Christie Brinkley divorce trial set to begin," Associated Press, 2 Jul.,
      Whether it's in next-to-nothing swimsuits in Sports Illustrated or starring in ex-husband Billy Joel's rock videos or in countless boldface tabloid mentions, the quintessential California blond cover girl has become a fixture on the cultural landscape.
    • 2014 January 21, Hermione Hoby, “Julia Roberts interview for August: Osage County – 'I might actually go to hell for this ...': Julia Roberts reveals why her violent, Oscar-nominated performance in August: Osage County made her feel 'like a terrible person' [print version: 'I might actually go to hell for this ...' (18 January 2014, p. R4)]”, in The Daily Telegraph (Review)[1]:
      She's sitting opposite a window that's gently breezing into her face, wafting her hair into cover-girl perfection ...