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well-known (comparative better-known or more well-known, superlative best-known or most well-known)

  1. Familiar, famous, renowned or widely known.
    Antonym: little-known
  2. (computing, not comparable) Generally recognised; reserved for some usual purpose.
    • 1972, Vint Cerf, Jon Postel, RFC 322 - Well known socket numbers
      We would like to catalog other sockets which are supposed to be well-known
    • 2003, John Mueller, .NET development security solutions
      If the call to this function fails, you can assume the SID was invalid — even if it's a well-known SID.
    • 2007, Larry L Peterson, Bruce S Davie, Computer networks: a systems approach
      A common approach is for the server to accept messages at a well-known port.


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