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cry in one's beer

  1. (idiomatic) To feel sorry for oneself; to feel sadness or regret, especially in combination with self-pity.
    • 1940 June 16, Frederick C. Othman, "Here's Film Director Who Says War Helps Business‎," St. Petersburg Times (US), p. 21 (retrieved 15 July 2011):
      It was a pleasure to talk to a movie producer who wasn't crying in his beer over what the European war has done to the picture business.
    • 1956 July 27, Harris Powers, "The Circus Gets In One's Blood," Sarasota Journal (US), p. 4, (retrieved 15 July 2011):
      He was bitter about the whole thing, but he wasn't crying in his beer.
    • 2003 April 17, Ian O'Connor, "Alcohol puts a damper on fun and games," USA Today (retrieved 15 July 2011):
      "When you win, you're supposed to drink to celebrate, and when you lose, you're supposed to cry in your beer."
    • 2010 Aug. 8, Richard Corliss, "Box Office Weekend," Time:
      Christopher Nolan need not cry in his beer over Inception's demotion to the No. 2 spot.