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From curious +‎ -est.



  1. (informal or nonstandard) superlative form of curious: most curious
    • 1593, Sidney, Sir Philip, “Book V”, in The Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia, expanded edition, page 193:
      Honourable even in the curiousest pointes of honour, whereout there can no disgrace nor disperagement come unto her.
    • 1852, Gregory, Sir William Henry, A Transport Voyage to the Mauritius and Back, Paris: A. and W. Galignani and Company, page 22:
      "But the curiousest thing a'most as I ever see at sea," resumed the mate ....
    • 1855, Dickens, Charles, The Boots at the Holly-Tree Inn, page ??:
      What was the curiousest thing he had seen? Well! He didn't know. He couldn't momently name what was the curiousest thing he had seen, — unless it was a Unicorn, — and he see him once at a Fair.