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Etymology edit

de- +‎ muck

Verb edit

de-muck (third-person singular simple present de-mucks, present participle de-mucking, simple past and past participle de-mucked)

  1. To remove muck or dirt from.
    • 1990, Kay Whitehouse, Site Selection: Finding and Developing Your Best Location, Liberty House, →ISBN, page 97:
      Fill, grading, removing boulders, de-mucking and any other preparation needed on the site can be a nightmare of costs.
    • 1994, Abby Frucht, Licorice, Grove Press, →ISBN, page 142:
      Our squirrel.
      Joe would be careful to skin it over the sink, then lay it flat on its pelt to drain it, behead it, de-paw it, de-muck it.

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