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digital +‎ -ia


digitalia (uncountable)

  1. That which is digital, binary, or electronic.
    • 2006 September 8, Peter Margasak, “Pan Sonic”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      The music is precise but never sterile--no one zeros in on the elusive grime and ghostly humanity in digitalia like Vainio and Vaisanen.
    • 2003 November 28, Peter Margasak, “Oswald Berthold”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      Their long, apparently improvised streams of digitalia are at times grating and self-indulgent, but at its best their work is densely layered with arresting details and packed with abrupt and exciting shifts in texture and rhythm.
    • 1996 July 5, Peter Margasak, “Spot Check”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      Their debut album, the aptly titled Music for Nitrous Oxide (Sedimental), stands out against their native region's more typical roots-rock machinations, but a similar primitivism rears its head via the group's lack of digitalia.




  1. nominative neuter plural of digitālis
  2. accusative neuter plural of digitālis
  3. vocative neuter plural of digitālis


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