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Latin dimidiatus, past participle of dimidiare (to halve).


dimidiate (not comparable)

  1. divided into two (equal) halves
  2. Consisting of only one half of what the normal condition requires; having the appearance of lacking one half.
    a dimidiate leaf, which has only one side developed
  3. Having the organs of one side, or half, different in function from the corresponding organs on the other side.
    dimidiate hermaphroditism



dimidiate (third-person singular simple present dimidiates, present participle dimidiating, simple past and past participle dimidiated)

  1. (transitive) To divide into two.
    • 1915, Rothery, Guy Cadogan, ABC of Heraldry, page 175:
      [] it may be dimidiated: for instance, half a rose and half a lis being stuck together, or half a lis and half an eagle.
  2. (transitive, heraldry) To represent one half of.
    • 1973, Rhodesiana, number 28–31, The Rhodesia Africana Society, page 36:
      [] hybridization in the same vein is the beast shown as supporters to arms granted in 1971, where a unicorn dimidiates a lion rampant.


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