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See also: DND and D.N.D.





  1. Do not disturb

Usage notesEdit

  • Used on keypads for telephones and other space-constrained locations and situations




Strong triliteral

  1. (transitive) slaughter


dnd: Triliteral (3-lit)
Base Stem: dnd Geminated Stem: dndd (rare) Imperative: dnd
Suffix Forms (1) Participles(10)
Active Passive Active Passive Relative
Perfective (2) dnd dnd dnd(w) (11) / dndy dnd
Imperfective (3) dnd dnd(j) / dndy dnd(w) (11) dnd(w) (11) / dndy
Perfect dnd.n ------ ------ dnd.n
Prospective dnd dndd (9) ------ ------
Subjunctive dnd Stative
Passive ------ dnd(w) / dndy Singular Plural
"Consequential"(4) dnd.jn 1st Person dnd.wjn
"Necessitive"(5) dnd.ḫr dnd.ḫ 2nd person dnd.tjwjn
"Future Consequential"(6) dnd.k3 3rd person (masc) dnd.w dnd.wj
Old Perfect (7) dndt dndt 3rd person (fem)
Infinitival forms
Infinitive dnd Negatival Complement dnd(w) Complementary Infinitive(8) dndt

1) All of these forms can display their subject using the suffix pronouns (and they frequently do)
2) Otherwise known as the "Indicative"
3) Otherwise known as the "Circumstantial"
4) No formal name - usually referred to as the "dnd.jn"
5) No formal name - usually referred to as the "dnd.ḫr"
6) No formal name - usually referred to as the "dnd.k3"
7) Otherwise known as the "dndt"
8) Rare & Archaic
9) Declines using third person suffix pronouns: masc.: .fj, fem: .sj & plural: .sn
10) Decline like adjectives
11) -w only appears in the masculine singular


Faulkner, A Concise Dictionary of Middle Egyptian