From documentary +‎ -o (diminutive suffix).



doco (plural docos)

  1. (Britain, Australia, informal) Abbreviation of documentary.
    • 1994, Phillip Adams, Classic Columns, page 144,
      Seibert has many complaints about nature docos, not the least of which is the music that seems to suggest that animals are constantly shadowed by symphony orchestras.
    • 1999, Reptiles, Volume 7, page 20,
      Now we spend about a third of our time in the US working on docos, working with US wildlife.
    • 2000, Tom Kenny, Sound for Picture: Film Sound through the 1990s, page 160,
      I started thinking that I had to get back to where I was when I was put into the field to do docos [documentaries] and put in situations to capture sound as simply as I could and be sure to get what I could get.