Alternative formsEdit


From Middle English *dogly, *doglich, equivalent dog +‎ -ly. Compare doglike.


dogly (comparative more dogly, superlative most dogly)

  1. Of, like, or pertaining to dogs or the dog family; canine.
    • 1908, Ernest Hamlin Abbott, Lyman Abbott, Francis Rufus Bellamy, The Outlook:
      I had a little dog who practiced all the dogly virtues. He never tried to get into any chairs or on any couches.
    • 1966, Kiplinger's Personal Finance:
      If a chicken invades your garden to steal seed and your dog barks at it in the line of dogly duty, the chicken's owner has the legal right to kill your dog.
    • 2006, Linda Johns, Hannah West in Deep Water:
      It was a halfhearted attempt to get him to stop, because truly, I was hoping the dog would do the dogly thing and chew up the Frisbee.

Derived termsEdit


dogly (comparative more dogly, superlative most dogly)

  1. In the manner of a dog.