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Alternative formsEdit


From Middle English drawthe, draȝthe, equivalent to draw +‎ -th. Compare also Middle English draut, draught, draght, drauȝt, draht (a drawth). More at draught.


drawth (plural drawths)

  1. The act or process of drawing; a pull; draught.
  2. That which is draughted or drawn; a draught.
    • 1652, Sir Fulke Greville, Life of Sir Philip Sidney:
      Besides, through the fame mens Judgments, she made all directions to pass for the divers Moulds required in Shipping between our Seas and the Ocean, as the drawth of water, high or low disposing of Ports, cleanly rooms for Victuals, [...]
    • 1928, Sussex Archaeological Society, Sussex archaeological collections:
      [...] and the steward's chamber and a drawth chamber with latrines, to the value of 100s.; [...]
    • 1930, De Indische gids:
      [...] As to the actual and present state of the school, it has experienced since this 2 1/2 or 3 years a perceptible decline, on one side for want of European youths, and on the other thro the continual drawths from them, as whenever these youths had but half concluded their studies, they were included and placed directly under the military, [...]
  3. A treatise.