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German edit

Etymology edit

From dr- +‎ uff, see the latter.

Adverb edit


  1. (dialectal, otherwise obsolete) Alternative form of darauf, drauf.
  2. (regional slang) high, on drugs (especially with reference to party-goers)
    • 2017 August 7, Jens Uthoff, “Band und Publikum sind ziemlich druff”, in Die Tageszeitung: taz[1], →ISSN, page 16:
      Kaum mehr als 60 Leute sind zu dem Zeitpunkt noch im Raum, und die beiden Protagonisten scheinen ziemlich druff zu sein, auf was auch immer. Die meisten im Publikum allerdings auch.
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Usage notes edit

  • The slang sense has spread from Berlin and is now occasionally heard even in those parts of northern and western Germany where uff is otherwise not used (as the native dialects have up, op).
  • Another East Central German expression that has long been current in colloquial standard German is immer (feste) druff (hit him!, bring it on!).

Derived terms edit