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A man wearing a dunsel cap on a cold day


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dunsel cap (plural dunsel caps)

  1. (nautical) A knitted cap.
    • 1975, The Cincinnati Enquirer, December 18, 1975:
      "[The suspect was] described as black, 17-20 years old and wearing a dunsel cap and black plaid jacket..."
    • 1978, The Kokomo Tribune, July 16, 1978:
      "McLaughlin said the suspect was wearing a yellow tank top shirt and possibly glasses and a dunsel cap, which is similar to a ski cap with a tassel."
    • 2011, Joani Lacy, Hollister House: The Banyan Tree Awakens, page 83:
      "Her long white hair was stuffed haphazardly into a dunsel cap..."
    • 2013, Thomas Berger, Reinhart in Love: A Novel (Open Road Media), pages not numbered:
      "In the school yard he saw his grammar-school self in dunsel cap and leather boots..."


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