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dvaša f (4th declension)

  1. breath, breathing (the air that is breathed in or out, or the act of breathing itself)
    karsta dvaša‎ ― warm breath
    atvilkt dvašu‎ ― to draw breath
    būt bez dvašas‎ ― to be out of breath, breathless
  2. air (often subtly in motion) that is typical of some place or substance, or carries its smell
    drēgna miglas dvaša‎ ― the humid breath (= air) of the fog
    meža dvaša‎ ― the breath (= air) of the forest
    salda medus dvaša‎ ― the sweet breath (= smell, aroma) of honey
  3. heat, warmth (from fire)
    uguns dvaša‎ ― the breath (= heat) of the fire



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