e- +‎ travel


e-travel (uncountable)

  1. The use of computerized information systems to handle travel arrangements or expenses.
    • The Defense Travel System: Boon Or Boondoggle (page 112)
      Another fundamental problem with the DTS is that it does not provide travel agents with the information necessary for them to process DOD travel expenditures. The original contract stated that this would be a time-saving tool that the enhanced e-travel system would perform; yet, today this task must still be performed manually for the majority of travel transactions and often requires travel agent intervention to correct the DTS errors.
    • 2006, Ashutosh Deshmukh, Digital Accounting, page 219:
      The management of T&E expenses can be taken a step further. ERP systems can now support online travel centers or e-travel capabilities.
    • 2010, Gerhard Leitner, Martin Hitz, Andreas Holzinger, HCI in Work and Learning, Life and Leisure: 6th Symposium
      [] we analyzed the experience with the Deutsche Bahn Web presence as a free and popular e-travel service in Germany.