Etymology 1Edit

earth +‎ -ful


earthful (plural earthfuls)

  1. As much as the earth can or does hold or sustain.
    • 1895, Minot Judson Savage, Unity Pulpit, Boston, page 5:
      Then, as we reach higher than the bird to the world of quadrupeds, think what an earthful of life and feeling, of exaltation, of joy, there is in every forest, in every stream, in every tree, over every plain and every land of the globe.
    • 1980, David Ross Brower, ‎Susan R. Schrepfer, David R. Brower, Environmental Activist, Publicist, and Prophet, page 320:
      It's not just an earthful of people, it's going to be an earthful of dull people with dull vistas.
    • 1982, William R. Catton, Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change, page 108:
      With four earthfuls of people (by pre-mechanized standards), and with reasons to doubt the stability of an ecosystem modified by the drawdown method, the post-exuberant world found itself facing serious trouble.
    • 2012, Munayem Mayenin, The Arisen of the Day, page 36:
      And you are my summer moon's earthful of paradise

Etymology 2Edit

earth +‎ -ful


earthful (comparative more earthful, superlative most earthful)

  1. Pertaining to the earth, as opposed to heaven; earthly.
    • 1858, Lady's Home Magazine - Volumes 11-12, page 20:
      From His holy home on High, We to give them earthful teachings, They to lead us to the sky !
    • 1875, Samuel King Bland, Memorials of George Wright, page 97:
      Account that day a lost one in which you forget him ; let some part of your time be sacred to him ; retire from every earthful scene to lean upon his bosom, to pour your wishes into his ear, to admire, adore, and enjoy him — enjoy him! — yes, that is salvation, that is heaven.
    • 1885, Mary Barker Carter Dodge, The Gray Masque: And Other Poems, page 19:
      'Tis a dream of truth begot, Floating in an upper air, Sweet as any Angelot, Lifting aspiration where Earthly greed and earthful care Are awhile forgot.