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em- +‎ brangle


embrangle (third-person singular simple present embrangles, present participle embrangling, simple past and past participle embrangled)

  1. (transitive) To embroil.
    • Samuel Taylor Coleridge
      The ignorance of Natural Science, their Physiography scant in fact and stuffed out with fables, their Physiology embrangled with an inapplicable Logic []
    • 2003, Robert S. Leiken, Why Nicaragua Vanished: A Story of Reporters and Revolutionaries
      When it came to governments as hostile to Washington as the Sandinista, such an observation embrangles Sigal's larger claim about "official dominance of national and foreign news."
    • 1857, Thomas Hughes, Tom Brown's School Days
      Then there was poor Jacob Dodson, the half-witted boy, who ambled about cheerfully, undertaking messages and little helpful odds and ends for every one, which, however, poor Jacob managed always hopelessly to embrangle.

Derived termsEdit