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engagé (plural engagés)

  1. (historical) Someone serving under a contract of engagement.
    • 1974, Preston Holder, The Hoe and the Horse on the Plains: A Study of Cultural Development, →ISBN:
      In 1705, "un nommé Laurain" having been up the Missouri River, there met native groups who had knowledge of the Spaniards, and in 1706 two Canadiens had spent two years status, like François-Marie Perrot, who began as a lowly engagé for the Jesuits and over the years became an influential explorer deeply involved in government plans.
    • 2004, Heather Devine, The People who Own Themselves, →ISBN:
      For the seasonal engagé – the “porkeater” going to Grand Portage – the engagement provided an extra source of income to supplement a primary occupation elsewhere.
    • 2013, Gustave Aimard, The Buccaneer Chief: A Romance of the Spanish Main, →ISBN:
      A moment later he seemed to form a resolution, and turned to his engagé, who was standing a few paces from him.


engagé (comparative more engagé, superlative most engagé)

  1. Passionately committed to a cause.
    • 1983, Latin American Research Review - Volume 18, page 90:
      Fortunately, most scholars, engagé or not, are willing to deal with differing ponts of view.
    • 1993, Sabine R. Ulibarrí, Tierra Amarilla: Stories of New Mexico, →ISBN:
      Moreover, when Ulibarrí's subsequent works are published by Chicano presses (Justa, The Bilingual Press, Arte Público), he joins the brother-and sisterhood of Chicano literati—the engagé as well as those who would write to delect and entertain rather than to inspire revolutions.
    • 2003, James T. Farrell, Young Lonigan, →ISBN:
      Rejecting both the high art-as-tradition creed of the self-styled Humanists led by T.S. Eliot and the Soviet example of literary realism advocated by New Masses editor and author Michael Gold, Farrell called for an art both engagé and free.



engagé m (feminine singular engagée, masculine plural engagés, feminine plural engagées)

  1. past participle of engager