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From Portuguese engenho (machine; sugar mill), from Old Galician-Portuguese engenno, from Latin ingenium. Doublet of engine.

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engenho (plural engenhos)

  1. (historical) A sugar mill in colonial Brazil.

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Portuguese edit

Etymology edit

From Old Galician-Portuguese engenho, from Latin ingenium.

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  • (Brazil) IPA(key): (careful pronunciation) /ẽˈʒẽ.ɲu/ [ẽˈʒẽ.j̃u], (natural pronunciation) /ĩˈʒẽ.ɲu/ [ĩˈʒẽ.j̃u]
    • (Southern Brazil) IPA(key): (careful pronunciation) /ẽˈʒe.ɲo/, (natural pronunciation) /ĩˈʒe.ɲo/

Noun edit

engenho m (plural engenhos)

  1. ingenuity (the quality of being ingenious)
    Synonym: engenhosidade
  2. astuteness (the quality of being astute)
    Synonyms: astúcia, esperteza
  3. machine (mechanical device)
  4. (obsolete or historical) factory (industrial facility)
    Synonyms: fábrica, usina
  5. sugar mill (machine for pressing out the juice of the sugar cane)
  6. sugar mill (factory that processes sugar cane)
  7. (South Brazil) factory that processes yerba maté leaves

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