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From in + gignere.



ingenium n (genitive ingeniī); second declension

  1. innate or natural quality, natural character; nature
  2. disposition, temper, inclination
  3. intelligence, natural capacity
  4. talent
  5. a man of genius, a genius


Second declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative ingenium ingenia
genitive ingeniī ingeniōrum
dative ingeniō ingeniīs
accusative ingenium ingenia
ablative ingeniō ingeniīs
vocative ingenium ingenia



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    • a man of ability: vir magno ingenio, ingeniosus
    • a man of ability: vir magno ingenio praeditus
    • to be talented, gifted: ingenio valere
    • to be very talented: ingenio abundare
    • natural gifts: natura et ingenium
    • to sharpen the wits: ingenium acuere
    • penetration; sagacity: ingenii acumen
    • dulness of intellect: ingenii tarditas (opp. celeritas)
    • weakmindedness: ingenii infirmitas or imbecillitas
    • imagination: ingenium, cogitatio
    • vivid, lively imagination: ingenii vis or celeritas
    • to cultivate the mind: animum, ingenium excolere (not colere)
    • mental culture: animi, ingenii cultus (not cultura)
    • to be gifted, talented: ingenio valere
    • to possess rich mental endowments: summo ingenio praeditum esse
    • we expect a great deal from a man of your calibre: magna est exspectatio ingenii tui
    • to make a character-sketch of a person: de ingenio moribusque alicuius exponere
    • to indulge one's caprice: sibi or ingenio suo indulgere (Nep. Chabr. 3)
    • character: natura et mores; vita moresque; indoles animi ingeniique; or simply ingenium, indoles, natura, mores