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Ancient Greek ἐπίνητρον (epínētron)


epinetron (plural epinetra)

  1. (historical) A piece of Attic pottery worn on a woman's thigh during the preparation of wool, akin to a thimble, and used as a decorative symbol for goddesses and unmarried girls.
    • 2012, Sharon L. James, A Companion to Women in the Ancient World:
      The epinetron (also called onos, although the original name is uncertain) was a semi-cylindrical object that was closed at one end and designed to fit over the thigh to aid in the production of wool.
    • 2016, Sally Waite, On the Fascination of Objects: Greek and Etruscan Art in the Shefton Collection:
      The iconography of some red-figure epinetra certainly supports an association with the wedding, one fragment (Copenhagen, National Museum 318, BAPD 10665) depicts the bride and groom in a chariot.