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From Latin Atticus, from Ancient Greek Ἀττικός (Attikós), from some Pre-Greek demonym or toponym for Athens and its hinterland of Attica + -ικός (-ikós, -ic: forming adjectives). Equivalent to a modified and clipped Athens +‎ -ic. Doublet of Atticus.

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Attic (comparative more Attic, superlative most Attic)

  1. (historical) Of or related to Attica, ancient Athens and its hinterland, particularly:
    1. Synonym of Athenian, of or related to the culture of ancient Athens.
    2. (architecture) Of or related to ancient Athenian architecture.
    3. (linguistics) Of or related to Attic Greek.
  2. (figurative) Marked by the qualities traditionally considered characteristic of the ancient Athenians: classical, refined.

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  1. Clipping of Attic Greek, the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken in Attica, Euboea, and the northern coast of the Aegean Sea.

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