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Cyrillic етмәк
Roman etmək
Perso-Arabic ائتمک


From Proto-Turkic *ēt-.[1] Cognate with Old Turkic 𐰃𐱅(et-, to make), Turkish etmek.


  • IPA(key): [etˈmæk], [etˈmæj]
  • Hyphenation: et‧mək
  • (file)


etmək (transitive)

  1. to do, to make

Usage notesEdit

etmək is often used to make verbs from nouns and adjectives. The resulting compound verb is conjugated as shown below with the invariant prefix. In such compounds, it is used interchangebly with eləmək, although etmək is preferred in formal speech and texts, whereas eləmək is preferred in most other settings, such as colloquial speech as well as in less formal texts.


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