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executable code



executable code (uncountable)

  1. (computing) Instructions for a computer in a form the computer can directly use (i.e. which it can execute). Derived from source code by compiling or assembling and linking.
    • 2003, Maximum Security, fourth edition, →ISBN, page 324
      Other types of macros, shell scripts, batch files, interpretable source code, even Postscript files also contain executable code, and are, in theory, vulnerable to virus attack.
    • 2008, Arnold Robbins, Nelson H. F. Beebe, Classic Shell Scripting: Hidden Commands that Unlock the Power of Unix, →ISBN, page 158
      The script itself contains variable and command substitution, the read command, and a while loop to get everything done in less than 10 lines of executable code!
    • 2012, edited by Ivan Ivanov, Marten van Sinderen, Boris Shishkov, Cloud Computing and Services Science, →ISBN, page 7
      “Scripts” are distinct from the executable code of the application, as they are usually written in a different language with distinct semantics.