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Etymology 1Edit

From Old French ferm, ferme (solid), from Latin firmus (solid, secure), from Proto-Indo-European *dher(ə)-, *dhrē- (to hold).


fèrme m, f (masculine and feminine plural fèrmes)

  1. (Jersey) firm

Etymology 2Edit

From Old French ferme (lease for working, rent, farm), from Medieval Latin ferma, firma (rent, tax, tribute, farm), from Old English feorm (rent, provision, supplies, feast), from Proto-Germanic *firmō, *firhuma- (means of living, subsistence), from *firhu- (life force, body, being), from Proto-Indo-European *perkʷ- (life, force, strength, tree).


fèrme f (plural fèrmes)

  1. (Jersey) farm
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