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familiāritas f (genitive familiāritātis); third declension

  1. intimacy
  2. close friendship
  3. familiarity


Third declension.

Case Singular Plural
nominative familiāritās familiāritātēs
genitive familiāritātis familiāritātum
dative familiāritātī familiāritātibus
accusative familiāritātem familiāritātēs
ablative familiāritāte familiāritātibus
vocative familiāritās familiāritātēs


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    • to be bound by the closest ties of friendship: artissimo amicitiae vinculo or summa familiaritate cum aliquo coniunctum esse
    • to be on intimate terms with some one: alicuius familiaritate uti
    • to be on friendly terms with a person: usu, familiaritate, consuetudine coniunctum esse cum aliquo
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