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  1. simple past tense and past participle of fashion


fashioned (comparative more fashioned, superlative most fashioned)

  1. (in combination) Having a specified fashion or style
    • 2014, Z A Bukhari, This Love, →ISBN:
      It was neatly arranged with old fashioned furniture.
    • 2017, Jonathon Mcluskie, Thai Fashioned Trouble: Mr. Leopold, →ISBN:
      I've been thinking of that for a while; I was going to go with Island Fashioned or Eastern Fashion, but they both sound shit.
  2. In style; fashionable.
    • 1846, J. C. G. MARIN DE P***, A Fortnight in Paris, page 62:
      It was there also that, untill 1783, the famous Carlin performed his italian jokes, then very fashioned , and to which, since, has succeeded nobler kind of plays.
    • 1855, Laura Greenwood, The Rural Wreath; Or, Life Among the Flowers, page 225:
      I praised the tie of a ribbon, carelessly, the next afternoon, — declare it's every word true, sir ; — she met me in the evening with that very fashioned tie
    • 1972, Fanny Burney, ‎Joyce Hemlow, ‎& Althea Douglas, The Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney (Madame D'Arblay).:
      I like the appearance of both those sisters very much: they look spirited & accomplished, & informed; they are both handsome, & have good figures, & a very fashioned look & manner.
    • 2011, Dann'yl Lebedoff, Our Steppes:
      Timofay clams right up, but being very fashioned and eloquent, he bids them all a loving smile, as getting to know them was not the reason for making this trip, for He knows that women come as frequently as the changing of the tide and will always be there.
  3. Well designed or put together.
    • 2012, Solidarity with Solidarity, →ISBN:
      “Transitionology” developed in Spain into a very fashioned discipline that left a strong footprint on the whole of Eastern and Central European studies.
    • 2013, Angel V. Ornedo Jr., Knowing the Infinite Creator: Telepathic Conversations with Jesus Christ, →ISBN:
      As I have mentioned earlier, your thoughts and emotions are functioning perfectly and must be using them in a very fashioned and orderly manner, if ever, guided by an Entity or an Angel spirit along the way if you find difficulty in adjusting to the new environment.
    • 2014, Pittard, Race & History, →ISBN:
      May not some books be more technically difficult to put together than others, and may not their raw material be less fashioned, less well prepared?
    • 2015, Erik Cloud, The New Age Bible, →ISBN:
      Men's talking and demeanor is very fashioned, while a woman's is hot air and wild just as in sex and politics.
    • 2016, Richard Andrews, A Prosody of Free Verse: Explorations in Rhythm, →ISBN, page 48:
      It remains more open, less formal, seemingly less fashioned.