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Etymology edit

Blend of faux +‎ progressive

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

fauxgressive (plural fauxgressives)

  1. (politics, derogatory) An alleged progressive who actually acts like a conservative.
    • 2019 March 8, Carl Campanile, quoting John Samuelson, “Transit union blasts de Blasio as ‘fauxgressive’ ahead of primary season”, in New York Post[1]:
      “Bill de Blasio is an elitist, New York City corporate Democrat fauxgressive, masquerading around South Carolina as a progressive,” said John Samuelson, president of Transport Workers Union.

Adjective edit

fauxgressive (comparative more fauxgressive, superlative most fauxgressive)

  1. (politics, derogatory) Allegedly, but not actually, progressive.
    • 2019 February 13, Rachelle Hampton, “Which People?”, in Slate[2]:
      In many spaces, the term functions now as performative fauxgressive politeness—as one of the many buzzwords such as intersectionality or systemic that one can drop, with little understanding, to display her wokeness.
    • 2020 July 30, Ben Cost, “Wokefish’ dating trend: Shady men are pretending to be progressive on apps”, in New York Post[3]:
      With their fauxgressive covers officially blown, Twitter is blowing up with stories about the disturbing new dating trend.

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