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fearful +‎ -ly


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fearfully (comparative more fearfully, superlative most fearfully)

  1. In a fearful manner; characterized by fear.
    I stepped fearfully into the pitch-dark cave.
  2. (Britain, dated) very; very much.
    He's a fearfully good striker.
    • 1884, Saddlers, Harness Makers, and Carriage Builders' Gazette, London: John Kemp, 1 November, 1884, Vol. XIV, pp. 155-6, [1]
      Remember, when a horse is on its side the kicking-strap is useless, and the breechen nearly so, to prevent the swing of its hind legs; your aim is to get it away from the steps or wheel-plate of the trap, which, in its struggles, may cut its legs fearfully.