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From fiend, as a reference to drug fiend or dope fiend.


feen (third-person singular simple present feens, present participle feening, simple past and past participle feened)

  1. (transitive, slang) to want something obsessively; to have a strong desire for.
    • 2003, Tia L. Lincoln, Child of Baltimore, →ISBN, page 103:
      And I feened for him like a crackhead needing a hit.
    • 2014, N.M. Shabazz, HalfBreed, →ISBN, page 157:
      Can't crack the habit. You see, I'm feening, I'm needing some more and you got me grinning like it's money that I'm winning.
    • 2016, Rashi K. Shukla, Methamphetamine: A Love Story, page 117:
      Oh yeah. They're feening. They're feening, is what we called it. They're feening for that drug and they're feening for someone to offer it to them.
    • 2019, Sam Kevin Daniel, Crossfire, →ISBN, page 55:
      “Yeah, I'm feening for some fresh air,” Finn said, using his crutches to get to his feet.




feen c

  1. definite singular of fe

Norwegian BokmålEdit


feen m

  1. definite singular of fe