Blend of flexible +‎ sexual.


flexisexual (not comparable)

  1. (of a person) Having a fluid sexual orientation or pattern of sexual expression.
    • 1998, Linda Handel, Now That You're Out of the Closet, What About the Rest of the House?, Pilgrim Press (1998), →ISBN, page 147:
      He resembles a Maine logger, full beard and all, but inside he feels like he's a lesbian. His love IS a lesbian. What is he? What is she? Bisexual? Ambisexual? Flexisexual?
    • 2011, Jaclyn Friedman, What You Really Really Want: The Smart Girl's Shame-Free Guide to Sex and Safety, Seal Press (2011), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      Personally, I identify as “flexisexual,” a word I invented because I'm attracted to more than just men and women, and because my patterns of attraction have changed over time.
    • 2014, Andrea Park, "Hit lesbian dating app Dattch launches in the U.S.", Metro, 8 April 2014:
      Sixty percent of our user base identifies as lesbian and the other 40 percent identifies as other, which includes bisexual, curious, pansexual, flexisexual … anyone who doesn’t identify as fully gay.

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