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flood +‎ -er



flooder (plural flooders)

  1. (agriculture) A channel or device for carrying and controlling water used in flood irrigation.
    • 1814, The Fourth Report of the Commissioners Appointed to Enquire into the Nature and Extent of the Several Bogs in Ireland and the Practicability of Draining and Cultivating Them, page 35:
      If this first catch-water is to be employed at any time as a flooder, the upper edge of its bank must be carefully trimmed to the level; but I believe, on the whole, it will be more advisable to make a separate flooder immediately below, which may be cut at the exact level by means of the plumb rule, to the depth of one, and width of two feet; with an outlet from the catch-water at every five or ten Irish chains.
    • 1844, The Farmer's Magazine, page 361:
      When we got the water raised to a sufficient height, we formed a main conducting flooder along the head of the ridges, and made small feeders from it to conduct the water occasionally into each ridge.
    • 1965, Science News - Volumes 87-88, page 336:
      GARDEN FLOODER is a lawn and garden irrigating device that allows flooding of large areas without excessive runoff, erosion or evaporation. Made of polyethylene, the flooder is designed so that water flow is slowed without greatly reducing the volume.
  2. (Internet slang) A person who floods message boards, chat rooms etc. with unwanted or repetitive comments.
    • 1998, Cyberpsychology & Behavior:
      The flooder may be seeking attention ("see what I can do!") or trying to disrupt the socializing in the rooms.
  3. (informal) Something that tends to flood.
    • 1921, Jamaica Legislature Legislative Council, Minutes - Volume 62, page lxviii:
      The Director of Works and Mr. John Locket confirmed the fact that this River is a "terrible flooder."
    • 1952, United States Congress House Committee on Public Works, Study of Civil Works: Hearings Before the Subcommittee to Study Civil Works of the Committee on Public Works:
      I believe that Congress acted, and I think they stated they acted, in recognition of the fact that this would provide some flood control on the Kansas River system, which had been a bad flooder and is a bad flooder.
    • 1955, Hells canyon project, page 758:
      As to the Clearwater situation, it is the major flooder. The Army engineers' Mr. Fernald testified here several times that it is the worst flooder in the Columbia River.
  4. (engineering) A device for controlling or maintaining the flow of liquid.
    • 1931, Harold Coulter George, Oil Well Completion and Operation, page 202:
      This has lead to the development of another type of flooder used in the eastern fields. The bottom collar on the pump is tapped for a1/4-inch street ell just below the standing valve seat, so that the standing valve will not seal the hole.
    • 1934, Industrial air conditioning practice, page 202:
      The flooder pipes are connected through cocks to a supply header on the aisle side of the dehumidifier.
    • 1958, Southern Pulp and Paper Manufacturer - Volume 20, page 58:
      Fresh water was added through the last bank of flooder sprays.
  5. (informal) A person employed to handle issues arising from flooding.
    • 1941, Elisabeth Sinclair Peck, Tibb's flooders: a tale of the Ohio River flood of 1937, page 156:
      You know, Dan, that's the man I rowed with all day, never did know I had a peg leg in that big boot, and that I wasn't really a flooder.
    • 1961, Oil & Gas Journal - Volume 59, page 44:
      Different operators give different answers. One experienced miscible flooder says a minimum of 30% more.