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Etymology 1Edit

From Middle English fordrien, fordruien, fordruȝen, from Old English fordrūgian (to become dry, wither), equivalent to for- +‎ dry.


fordry (third-person singular simple present fordries, present participle fordrying, simple past and past participle fordried)

  1. (intransitive) To dry up; become dry.
  2. (transitive) To dry up; make dry.

Etymology 2Edit

From Middle English fordruye, equivalent to for- (very, excessively) +‎ dry.


fordry (comparative fordrier, superlative fordriest)

  1. (obsolete) Very dry; withered.
    • Geoffrey Chaucer, The Squire's Tale.
      Amid a tree fordry, as white as chalk,
      As Canacé was playing in her walk,
      There sat a falcon o'er her head full high,
      That with a piteous voice so gan to cry, []