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From fore- +‎ ken.


foreken (third-person singular simple present forekens, present participle forekenning, simple past and past participle forekenned or forekent)

  1. (transitive) To perceive, ken, or realise ahead of time; foreknow; preconceive.
    • 2003, Steven Pressfield, Last of the Amazons:
      This before all elevates humankind above the beasts: we alone foreken our mortality. We alone know we must die.


foreken (uncountable)

  1. Readiness for or anticipation of a perception; foreknowledge; preconception.
    • 1892, Edward Elbridge Salisbury, Evelyn McCurdy Salisbury, Family histories and genealogies:
      But Mr. Marcy, with that foreken which distinguishes statesmen from politicians, saw the coming time when the Pacific Coast population would emerge out of its transient humors, when it would feel the settled purposes of permanent [...]