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From Middle English *forgetful, *forȝetful (suggested by derivative forgetfulnesse, forȝetfulnesse (forgetfulness)), equivalent to forget +‎ -ful.

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forgetful (comparative more forgetful, superlative most forgetful)

  1. Unable to remember things well; liable to forget.
    • 1912, William Sharp, Elizabeth Amelia Sharp, Poems and Dramas, William Heinemann, page 315:
      Nor has Dalua part or mention in the antique legend. Like other ancient things, this divinity hath come secretly upon us in a forgetful time, new and strange and terrible, though his unremembered shadow crossed our way when first we set out on our long travel, in the youth of the world.
  2. (mathematics) Dropping some of the input's structure or properties before producing an output.
    a forgetful mapping; a forgetful functor

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