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From Middle English forwonderen, equivalent to for- +‎ wonder. Compare Dutch verwonderen, German verwundern (to astonish, amaze, bewilder, astound).


forwonder (third-person singular simple present forwonders, present participle forwondering, simple past and past participle forwondered)

  1. (transitive, archaic) To astonish; fill with wonder or amazement.
    • 1987, Jane Kopp, Setting the heart to understand:
      Let the window glow, let the air be soft and weary, let it be forwondered, weary, let them taste of the evening sun, of this place they have fallen, let them taste of saving love again, let them call it beauty.
    • 1988, Helen Phillips, University of Lancaster. Dept. of English, Arthur's adventures at Tarn Wadling:
      The wise of the weathers forwondered they were.