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fuck like a mink

  1. (simile, vulgar) To be extremely amorous while copulating
    • 1979, Warren Murphy, Frank Stevens, Atlantic City, page 209
      "She's a really sweet girl, kind and honest and decent, and all of her clients tell me that she fucks like a mink."
      "With that endorsement and the boots and the whips, maybe I should give her a try."
    • 2006, John Ringo, Kildar
      "...But, for general info, she'd just as gladly slide a knife in as anything else. Don't let her fool you. On the other hand, she can fuck like a mink. Have fun. I'll take Bambi any day."
    • 2011, Carolyn Briggs, Higher Ground: A Memoir of Salvation Found and Lost
      “You fuck like a mink,” Eric told me one night in his sister's bedroom. His parents were out of town, and Eric and I had the run of the house.