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fuck truck




fuck truck (plural fuck trucks)

  1. (slang, vulgar) A van fitted out with a mattress in the back for sexual intercourse.
    • 1982, Jimmy Breslin, Forsaking All Others, page 293:
      ...into this fuck truck she came, seamy with semen, a place that made a motel whorehouse seem as fresh as new grass.
    • 2002, John H Stover, The Road Runner: An American Odyssey, page 111:
      The Ford Econoline, also known as the fuck-truck, sat outside. We didn't need a condom. Penny had already started taking the birth control pill.
    • 2005, S G Harrison Mumford, Dos-a-Dos, page 69:
      'Shame, it's nicknamed the "fuck truck".' 'Flic, I didn't go to Oz to get laid!' 'What was it you were saying before you left?'


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