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  1. (vulgar) plural of fucking
  2. (demoscene) Public abuse directed at rival demosceners, often included in the scrolltext of a demo; the negative equivalent of greets.
    • 1999, "Jarno Kilpia", "Demo" (on newsgroup
      Sorry, daa, me thinks crackintros, the ones with 7 rows high ascii scrollers (my friend did 60fps scroller with 286/12 for dos screen like that.. ruled amongst pc guys in 91, when we amiga thugs had something fancier already...:)) shouting "we karcked[sic] this and that game, fuckings to x11, seppox.."
    • 1999, "Simone Ghiaroni", boserve, megasys, macno?, not, sunny girl, ez, surfing e flames vari (on newsgroup it.comp.demos)
      Greetz to Dixan (my elite friend), fuckings to the others
    • 2008, "Ara", [OT] LOL groupwarz (on newsgroup it-alt.arti.demoscene)
      ...fuckings to Lord Helmet of Spaceballs...