< fuskata (to cheat)



  1. jive (deceptive talk)
  2. (dance) single swing, single-time swing (type of dance derived from jive)
  3. A card game for four or more players in which cheating plays a central role. A player hands five cards face down to the player on his/her left and claims a poker hand. If next player believes in the claim he picks up the cards, changes any number of new cards from the deck and claims a better hand to the next player. The round ends when a player does not believe in the claim presented to him and flips the cards over. If the hand is equal or better than the claim, the claimant gets a point, otherwise the doubter gets a point.


Inflection of fusku (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative fusku fuskut
genitive fuskun fuskujen
partitive fuskua fuskuja
illative fuskuun fuskuihin
singular plural
nominative fusku fuskut
accusative nom. fusku fuskut
gen. fuskun
genitive fuskun fuskujen
partitive fuskua fuskuja
inessive fuskussa fuskuissa
elative fuskusta fuskuista
illative fuskuun fuskuihin
adessive fuskulla fuskuilla
ablative fuskulta fuskuilta
allative fuskulle fuskuille
essive fuskuna fuskuina
translative fuskuksi fuskuiksi
instructive fuskuin
abessive fuskutta fuskuitta
comitative fuskuineen
Possessive forms of fusku (type valo)
possessor singular plural
1st person fuskuni fuskumme
2nd person fuskusi fuskunne
3rd person fuskunsa





  1. drunk
  2. tipsy


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