See also: gioi, gioì, giỏi, giới, and giọi

Vietnamese edit

Alternative forms edit

  • (unetymological spelling) dòi
  • (North Central Vietnam) troi (*k-r- > *k-l- > /ʈ/)

Etymology edit

From Proto-Vietic *k-rɔːj. Cognates Muong khòi, Tho [Cuối Chăm] kʰrɒːj¹. Likely related to ruồi (fly).

Compare also già (old, aged), giữa (centre) for the development of onset.

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

(classifier con) giòi (𧋆, )

  1. a maggot (dipterous insect's larva that eats decomposing organic matter)

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