give away the store


Alternative formsEdit


give away the store (third-person singular simple present gives away the store, present participle giving away the store, simple past gave away the store, past participle given away the store)

  1. (idiomatic) To transact, trade, or negotiate badly, by paying, providing, or conceding too much to the other party.
    • 1987, Thomas Griffith, "Newswatch," Time, 14 Dec.:
      But he left the impression he wanted, of a man prepared to be conciliatory who would never give away the store.
    • 2006, Richard Wolf, "Congress poised to pass $70B in temporary tax cuts," USA Today, 11 May (retrieved 21 June 2009):
      "Bush's tax plan offers next to nothing to average Americans, while giving away the store to multimillionaires," said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.