gnash +‎ -y



gnashy (comparative gnashier, superlative gnashiest)

  1. Related to or typical of gnashing the teeth
  2. (of a sound) grating and harsh
  3. Characterized by grinding or gnashing.
    • 1992, Car and Driver - Volume 38, page 72:
      Deft and comfy, if gnashy of engine, the Prizm looks like an inspired sketch that somehow made it into metal and ought to be viewed as a traveling sculpture exhibit.
    • 2015, Alysia Gray Painter, Fairwil, →ISBN:
      I wanted it, but my stomach was so gnashy I ended up taking a bite, walking out to the pool, and then returning for another.
    • 2017, Kara LaReau, The Unintentional Adventures of the Bland Sisters: The Jolly Regina, →ISBN:
      When I'm anxious, me gullet gets gnashy.
  4. (informal) Unpleasant; tedious or undesirable.
    • 1965, Jack Kerouac, Desolation Angels:
      Even Hozomeen'll crack and fall apart, nothing lasts, it is only a faring-in-that-which-everything-is, a passing-through, that's what's going on, why ask questions or tear hair or weep, the burble blear purple Lear on his moor of woes he is only a gnashy old flap with winged whiskers beminded by a fool -- to be and not to be, that's what we are -- Does the Void take any part in life and death?
    • 1994 September 16, Barbara Haddad, “Level .vs. Magic Question”, in rec.games.frp.dnd, Usenet[1]:
      What you SHOULD do (again, MHO) is decide _wear_ the big, gnashy treasure items of your world are (in this fabled armory; in that horde) and if the players WANT to tempt a near-total probability of death and _succeed(!)_ then let them HAVE the item(s).
    • 1994, Rudy von Bitter Rucker, Live Robots, page 260:
      "Dreary to explain and word all that gnashy science into flowery bower chat," said Emul.
    • 2002 March 23, Bob Weigel, “FS:Big 'ol ampeg/no speakers”, in rec.music.makers.marketplace, Usenet[2]:
      But the grill has some gnashy areas and stuff. Needs someone who wants to restore it to original look or someone who likes old original well used amps. :-) ).