good on you


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good on you

  1. (New England, Newfoundland, Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand) Well done; an exclamation of encouragement or congratulation.
    You got married? Good on you!
    • 1989, Patricia Grace, The Wall, Bill Manhire (editor), Six by Six: Short Stories by New Zealand's Best Writers,
      And he had a big smile like he really liked us and our wall. Black old teeth. Fat stomach. Well good on you. Good on all of you and your wall. Hee, hee, hee, hee.
    • 2004, Willem Dijkstra, May You Live In Interesting Times[1], volume 1, page 301:
      I have never forgotten his smile and the look in his eyes as he said, ‘Good on you, little brother. []
    • 2009 October 27, House of Lords European Union Committee, Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers: 3rd Report of Session 2009-10, Volume II: Evidence, page 88,
      Lord Renton of Mount Harry: [] I do not wish to be rude in saying this, but it is very easy for you as BlackRock because you are already a global, very big company and you are obviously hugely successful — good on you — but what about the alternative investment fund manager in one of the EU countries who wants to grow, wants to become more established in other countries, et cetera, surely for them there has to be some other international means, not just standing on national status and national passports.