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A long-tailed goral (Naemorhedus caudatus)

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Likely an early borrowing from Nepali घोरल (ghoral, Himalayan goral) or a related language.



goral (plural gorals)

  1. A type of Asian ungulate ruminant, now defined as any of the four species of the genus Naemorhedus.
    • 2004, A. J. T. Johnsingh, On Jim Corbett's Trail and Other Tales from Tree-tops[1], page 62:
      The goral has a wide distribution, from the Indus Kohistan region in the western Himalaya in Pakistan, across the eastern Himalaya, Myanmar, Thailand, China and in a few scattered areas in South Korea, North Korea, eastern Russia and the adjoining regions of China.
    • 2011, Colin Groves, Peter Grubb, Ungulate Taxonomy, page 251,
      The gorals of Shanxi, sometimes separated as a taxon vidianus, fall into the range of N. griseus.
    • 2011, John P. Rafferty, Grazers[2], page 145:
      The goral is a ruminant (cud chewer) closely related to the serow, but it is distinguished from the serow by peculiarities in its skull form as well as by its smaller size, shorter horns, and absence of conspicuous preorbital glands.

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