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grab bag

See also: grabbag and grab-bag



Alternative formsEdit


grab +‎ bag


grab bag (plural grab bags)

  1. A gift, purchase, etc. whose contents are concealed until after a selection is made.
    Winners can choose a gift from the grab bags on the table.
  2. (idiomatic) Any random assortment, selection or possibility.
    With that system, it's a grab bag which files we can find at any moment.
    • 2015, Mark Ribowsky, Whiskey Bottles and Brand-New Cars
      There were now a grab bag of southern country-rock units with a new wrinkle—Black Oak Arkansas, for one, combined psychedelia, fifties rock, Hindu spiritualism, and gospel into “psycho-boogie,” or “raunch 'n' roll.”
  3. A moderately large bag of crisps or other snack, intended for sharing.

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