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gravitationally challenged



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An ironic imitation of the perceived oversensitivity of language like mentally challenged.


gravitationally challenged (comparative more gravitationally challenged, superlative most gravitationally challenged)

  1. (humorously euphemistic, of a person) Fat.
    • 1996, Diane Ketcham, "Long Island Journal," New York Times, 3 March (retrieved 29 Aug. 2010):
      [T]he chunky Mr. Ackerman took to the stage. First he told fat jokes. . . . "I'm not fat. I'm gravitationally challenged."
    • 2002, Tania Kindersley, "A job for nanny,", 6 July (retrieved 29 Aug. 2010):
      In America fat is the new f-word—instead, it's nutritionally endowed, or person of mass, or gravitationally challenged.
  2. (euphemistic, often humorous) Of a person, having a poor sense of balance; subject to intervals of dizziness.
    • 2003, Leonard Klady, "MCM Review: Johnny English ," Movie City News, 18 July (retrieved 29 Aug. 2010):
      Consider that the person asking is Mr. Bean, the diminutive, awkward, gravitationally challenged, accident-prone incarnation served up by Rowan Atkinson.


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